Scientific Committee

Guildhall School of Music & Drama, UK

Alex Mermikides

Doctoral programme leader at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Researches the interface between theatre and medicine through publications (Performance and the Medical Body 2016, Performance, Medicine and the Human, 2020) and making performances in collaboration with medical specialists and patients. Her work has featured in The Guardian, Times Higher Educational Supplement and on This Week (BBC Radio 4). 

Brooklyn College CUNY

Brian Schwartz

Emeritus Professor of Physics at Brooklyn College and Director of the Science & the Arts Program, and co-Director of the New Media Laboratory at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). He has edited nine books and published more than 130 articles in refereed journals. As Director of the Science & the Arts Program he developed over 100 programs at the interface of science and theatre, music, dance, and the arts. In 2010, he won the prestigious Andrew W. Gemant Award of the American Institute of Physics for significant contributions to the cultural, artistic, or humanistic dimension of physics.    

Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra

Rómulo – Ciência Viva Centre

Carlos Fiolhais

Full professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Coimbra since 2000. Author of several books and numerous scientific, pedagogical and dissemination articles. He is the recipient of several National awards. Former director of the General Library of the University of Coimbra and Coordinator of the Knowledge area at the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation. Current director of the Rómulo – Ciência Viva Center at the University of Coimbra and the Ciência Aberta collection from book publisher Gradiva.

NOVA University of Lisbon

Daniel Gamito-Marques

Research Fellow at the Interuniversity Centre for the History of Science and Technology (CIUHCT). Historian of the connections between science and colonialism in Africa (19th-20th cent.). Works as a professional playwright and dramaturge since 2016. Explores the use of historical knowledge of the sciences in theatre.

Instituto Superior Técnico

Joana Lobo Antunes

Head of Communication at Instituto Superior Técnico. Lecturer in Science Communication and Social Media for Scientists, FCSH NOVA and Universidade Nova de Lisboa Doctoral School. Her main interests are the use of theatre improvisation techniques and storytelling in Science Communication. Coordinator of science radio show 90 Segundos de Ciência. Founder and former President of Portuguese Science Communicators Network SciComPT.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University Centre Shrewsbury, UK

Paul Johnson

Dean of Arts and Humanities at the University of Chester and Head of University Centre Shrewsbury. Current convenor of the Performance and Science working group of the UK Theatre and Performance Research Association, and has research interests in the interfaces between science and performance.

Theatre about Science